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Parish Pastoral Council

 Parish Pastoral Council(PPC): A unique, collaborative. Advisory body called to  share with the pastor in determining all important matters that affect the spiritual  life of the community of faith.


 Chairman:      David Blackford (660-651-0361)      
  Secretary:       Vonda Berti    (573-588-4249   )
                          Paula Gough              
                          Mark Gough               
                          Gina Pollard               
                          Tom Elsen  
                          Joe Dimmitt               
  Ex Officio:     
                          Mike Greenwell
                          Deacon Larry Mitchell 
 Ministry : *To reflect on the parish ministerial activity.

                  *To discern what needs to be changed or  developed in the parish.

                  *To study the problems and solutions to them.

                  *To recommend to the pastor a particular solution or course of action.

                   *It is a visionary body in the light of mission.

                   *It watches the big picture and takes responsibility for pastoral planning and goal setting.           

                  *To ensure that the goals and objectives are implemented. The council delegates                                                             implementation activities to the commissions.



Meeting: First Tuesday  of the month at Father Buhman Center at 7.00pm.