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Parish Finance Council


  Parish Finance Council (PFC):  A consultative body called to assist the pastor in     the administration of the temporal goods of the parish.

 Chairman:      Phil Saunders              573-588-7705
Judy Dimmitt              573-588-7826
Joe Berti                      
Pat Heathman                        
                          Mike Greenwell  

 Ministry:  * Offer technical skills in fiscal matters to the pastor.
                      * Assist and advice the pastor with respect to the supervision of all material goods elonging to the parish.
                      * Assist pastor in preparing budget of income and  expenditure, reviewed and  approved by the pastor.
                      * Review the parish income and expense reports.
                      * Assist the pastor in preparing the annual report.
                      * Assist pastor : Timely payment of debt.
                                                : Timely payments of vendor invoice.
                                                : Timely interest payments.
                                                : Investment of surplus funds.
                                           : Assure adequate revenue through various  means such as  tithing, program,                                                                  fundraiser, planned giving etc.